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Baby Chicken, Hoisin n Teriyaki sauce, sauteed mix vegetable with red capsicum velvet n crackers

Today we try to make samething new , try out this simple recipe to make awesome fusion dish.
Baby Chicken              120  gr
Brussel sprout              20  gr
Broccoly                       20  gr
Carrot                            5  gr
Takenoko                    10   gr
Baby Corn                   10  gr
Asparagus                  10  gr
Mushroom                   20 gr
Garlic Butter               40  gr
Hoisin sauce               50 ml
Teriyaki sauce            10 ml
Soy Sauce                 10 ml
Peanut Butter            10 gr
Rice Flour                 100 gr
Flour                          30   gr
Vegetable Stock        50 ml
First we need to make the garnish , mix all this item.
Rice flour, flour, water , seasoning , capsicum puree, and oil .
Make sure enough oil to make the particle of the dough is very light and separate between the flour and oil . ( key point to make more bubble in cracker ).
Put same oil in the nonstick pan, and start to put the doungh in moderate heat , after sometime allow it slowly cook in the low heat , so all part of the cracker is nicely cook .
Done . you will get it sexy crackers for the garnish. :) :) :)
Mix all the sauce item , hoisin sauce, teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, peanut butter .
Slow cook in the low heat . Make sure just to make all the ingredient nicely combine and strain it afterward.
Blanch all the vegetable , and saute using garlic butter , vegetable stock , soy sauce , teriyaki sauce and seasoning
Seasoning well the Baby Chicken , and start to grill it . until well cooked and we start to plating all the item.
Is really worth it if you already in advance this mix dried item such as , lemon dried, orange dried, fry leek, etc. For garnish purpose.
Ready to serve for any occasion . Dare to try :)
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